Repair            Cleaning           Restoration

Caring for the needs of all brass instruments – cornet, trumpet, french horn, trombone, euphonium and rare or antique instruments.  Polishing, Plating, Lacquering, Touch-up plating.


List of Cleaning, Repair and Restoration Services

♦ Dent removal and soldering to highest standards.

♦ “Overhauls” to restore to “Like New” appearance and function.

♦ “Archival restoration” which preserves as much of the original metal and fine details as possible.  This is recommended for rare, unusual and antique instruments.  Use of abrasives and buffing is avoided.

♦ Cleaning using low impact lime and corrosion removers, and hand tooling to preserve metal and to extend the useful life of the instrument.

♦ Fabricating missing, badly worn or damaged parts.

♦ Piston and rotary valve rebuilding and refitting.  Upgrading valve guides.

♦ Converting mechanical rotary valve linkage to string action for fast, quiet and easily serviced mechanism.

♦ Trombone slide service.  “Maine’s own slide doctor.”

♦ Very high levels of satisfaction by discerning professional players for decades.

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